Gov. Martin O'Malley performing with his band at the White House on Tuesday. (Susan Walsh/Associated Press)

O’Malley’s March has played bigger rooms, but none so prestigious as their Tuesday night’s gig: The East Room of the White House.

The governor of Maryland’s side project Celtic-rock band was brought in as the night’s entertainment for President Obama’s St. Patrick’s reception honoring Irish Taoiseach Enda Kenny. Their five-song set included some Martin O’Malley originals, reports our colleague John Wagner, as well as a cover of “The Green and Red of Mayo,” by his favorite band, the Saw Doctors .

According to pool reports, they “seemed to be doing a fair job at entertaining the crowd.” (White House pool reporters try not to play critic, it seems.) O’Malley performed in a dark suit and tie, instead of the biceps-hugging black T-shirt that’s his frequent stage mufti — it was the White House after all.

A jolly kind of blarney filled the room, as it does on these occasions. Said the president: “They say the curse of the Irish, as the governor knows, is not that they don’t know the words to a song, it’s that they know them all.”

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(Saul Loeb/AFP/Getty Images)