Maryland Governor Martin O'Malley (Bill O'Leary/The Washington Post)) and Lady Gaga (Daniel Roland/Getty Images).

So we wondered when we saw the Monday afternoon tweet from Martin O’Malley:

“@LadyGaga thanks for your advocacy against bullying. Katie & I would like to invite you to dinner to discuss eliminating bullying in MD.”

Yep, just put out there in public, a Twitter Hail Mary, same thing you’d try in your half-hearted attempt to get Gaga to your holiday open house — except that you’re not the governor, so no one’s waiting to see if you’ll get a response from her. . . as O’Malley hasn’t, yet.

Spike Lee (Andrew H. Walker/Getty) and Marion Barry (Nancy Ostertag/Getty Images).

Marion Barry took a similar approach this week in trying to reach a certain prominent filmmaker: “@spikelee. Please DM me,” he tweeted Sunday, asking Lee to send him a private direct message.

C’mon, you're big-deal guys — it might taking some Googling and some asking around, but can’t you just call these people?

“He can,” O’Malley’s spokesman, Rick Abbruzzese, told us. “But she has 16 million fans on Twitter, so we thought we’d try it this way.”

The tweet, apparently, was as much about drawing attention to the governor’s support of a “Stop Bullying: Speak Up” campaign as about dining with a pop star, who has also made it her cause (notably in a visit to the White House last week). “It’s an issue near and dear to the heart of Gov. O’Malley and first lady Katie O’Malley,” Abbruzzese said. “We haven’t decided if we’ll pursue the meeting through more traditional means. It’s already generated a lot of buzz.” The governor has a mere 12,700-some followers and heck, maybe this bought him a few more.

Though Barry was more circumspect in his tweet, can we assume that he was reaching out to Lee about the director’s involvement in an HBO movie about the legendary former mayor? (Proud to say that Councilmember Barry actually retweeted our story about how Eddie Murphy might play him.) And did he ever hear back from Lee? “I’m not going to comment about that at all,” Barry told us.

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