“The Next Food Network Star” contestant Mary Beth Albright. (Edward Chen/Creel Films)

More props for Washington foodies: D.C. food writer Mary Beth Albright survived weeks of stiff competition on “The Next Food Network Star.” The former lawyer, 38, was eliminated Sunday night (she just missed next week’s finale) but impressed the judges and won fans with her lively banter about cooking.

“I do have a wide spectrum of food knowledge, and I can bring that to life with cuisines across the spectrum, five stars or food trucks,” she told our colleague Joe Yonan. “There were definitely times I didn’t cook well, and other times I cooked well but didn’t bring my full energy to it because I spent my energy worrying about whether I cooked well. And that’s just silly.”

Albright’s highs were her meatloaf and cupcake recipes; she was voted off the show after a weak rack of lamb challenge. But judges Giada de Laurentiis and Bob Tuschman loved the way she described food.

Next up: Maybe a gig talking about food. “I want to bring that to a show, whether it’s a straight cooking show or a different genre,” Albright said. “And I think Washington is an incredible food city, so I’d love to do something involving that.”