Michael Saylor. (Charles Norfleet/Getty Images)

News flash: Michael Saylor is still having a good time. Proof: He’s bought another yacht.

And the biggest yacht yet for Washington’s own playboy tech millionaire: A 154-foot monster named “Mr. Terrible.”

Saylor, 48, announced his acquisition Monday on Facebook, as first spotted by Guest of a Guest (he hasn’t yet approved our friend request, sad to say); he plans to change the name. The six-year-old yacht can house 12 guests and features the requisite walnut flooring, hot tub, fishing cockpit, underwater camera and “opulent copper soaking tub,” according to one recent listing. Asking price: $31.5 million.

The MicroStrategy CEO’s first big nautical splurge was the 68-foot Azimut he acquired in early 2007 — the largest boat, it was said, that could fit under the Potomac’s bridges to moor near his Georgetown waterfront penthouse. A year or so later there was another yacht in his life, the 147-foot Harle, on which he hosted parties at the Cannes film festival last year, but which is also available for charter at $200K a week. (Good business plan: Make your yacht work for you.) Unclear if he plans to trade either of these in now that he’s upgraded.

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