How badly do you want an autographed copy of Michelle Obama’s new gardening book? Fans headed for the first lady’s one and only public book signing next Tuesday have to go through a daunting security process.

First you have to buy a copy of “American Grown” in advance at the Barnes & Noble store on 12th and E Streets — but only 200 or so customers will make the cut, so better go Friday morning when books for the signing go on sale. You won’t get the book then, just a receipt and wristband. (You also have to give your name and probably show a copy of your ID, or so they’re theorizing at Obama Foodorama blog.)

Then on June 12, customers with the wristbands — first come, first serve — show up for the actual signing; you have to be approved and screened by the Secret Service, and check bags, cameras and cell phones. The first lady will sign one copy of the book (no personalization) for each customer, and the event lasts just 45 minutes, which means there’s no guarantee that everyone in line will, in fact, get an autographed book.

Whew — got all that? But it might be your only chance; the White House told us there are no other signings scheduled at this time.

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