Mitt Romney at the New Hampshire debate Monday; Boston Bruins celebrating after scoring against the Vancouver Canucks the same night. (Emmanuel Dunand/AFP/Getty Images; Jonathan Hayward/AP/The Canadian Press)

Pandering, sure, but welcome news for Boston fans in audience who were missing game six of the Stanley Cup finals. (How did Romney know the score? He got the live update from an aide during a commercial break, which was allowed under CNN’s rules.)

But , D.C.’s gay hockey blog, has doubts about Romney’s dedication to Boston’s team. Co-founder Craig Brownstein, a PR exec and hockey devotee, was surprised that the former Massachusetts governor never talked, texted or tweeted about the Bruins during this remarkable season; the very first mention was at the debate. More damning: Brownstein went back to Romney’s years in office and couldn’t find any evidence the governor attended even one Bruins game.

“He’s got some explaining to do,” Brownstein told us. “Hockey fans are an unforgiving bunch at times. And they’re especially harsh toward bandwagon fans who jump on a winning team’s achievements.”

(Another fair-weather fan: Tim Pawlenty, who was asked what he’d learned during the two hour-debate. “I learned that if you trust the people, our future is bright and I learned that the Boston Bruins have more heart than the Vancouver Canucks.”)

Romney spokeswoman Andrea Saul told us the candidate has attended Bruins games “in the past” and watched some of this year’s playoffs on TV. “Like everyone else in Boston, he’s rooting for the Bruins to bring home a championship,” she said.

Boston won Monday night, tying the series and forcing Wednesday’s last and deciding game. As a Washington Capitals fan, Brownstein said he’s rooting for the Canucks in this one. “They’ve never won the Cup before. I think that would be good precedent for the Caps.”