Jane Romney as Cleopatra in “Love and War” with co-star Bruce Nozick. (Courtesy of Inside Edition)

Never heard of it? The movie was shot three years ago but release was held up by the presidential campaign, said the 74-year-old actress.

“I had to stop everything,” she told “Inside Edition” Monday. “I had to pull it out of festivals. I didn’t want people lifting it and distorting it.”

Jane with her baby brother Mitt. (Courtesy of Inside Edition)

But now she can finally talk about her pet project. The movie is an adaptation of Shakespeare’s “Antony and Cleopatra” with the blonde Jane as the Egyptian queen. The self-financed film was shot in 2009; she hired character actor Bruce Nozick as her co-star, cinematographer Filip Vandewal, and acting coach Tim Phillips as co-director, according to the Hollywood Reporter.

The two-day shoot took place in a rented L.A. mansion where Cleopatra and Antony declare their love for each other. Vandewal told us Jane “pulled it off pretty well. I would say she did a good job.” But he hasn’t seen the finished film; Phillips told us he’s no longer involved in the project.

And the Romney family? Jane, a practicing Mormon, said she screened the film and sister-in-law Ann said it was “beautiful.”

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