Monica Goodling is sworn in prior to testifying before the House Judiciary Committee, 2007. (Susan Walsh/ AP)

When the Virginia Bar reprimanded Monica Goodling last week, news reports failed to note where the former Justice Department official had landed. Looked like she disappeared, but no— she’s just working under her married name, Monica Krempasky.

She’s now at Corallo Media Strategies, a Virginia PR shop run by former John Ashcroft spokesman Mark Corallo , a senior advisor of the Ashcroft Group. “As a lawyer who has also worked as a federal prosecutor, Monica understands the challenges faced by individuals involved in high-stakes litigation,” reads her company bio.

Goodling became a household name after the Bush appointee admitted she hired federal prosecutors based on political beliefs. She resigned in 2007, and the Virginia Bar released an order on Friday with the results of her disciplinary case. The public reprimand cited her for misconduct, saying that she “improperly utilized political affiliation and other political considerations when making hiring decisions for career positions.”

But she’s “still entitled to practice law,” her lawyer John Dowd told us. “We’re very pleased. It’s a good result.”