Neal Schon proposes to Michaele Salahi on stage at Baltimore’s Lyric. (Neshan Naltchayan)

She didn’t call for nine months because. . . well, how seriously could you take a rock and roll star?

Sixteen years, one month and one day later, Schon got on his knees on stage during a concert Sunday and proposed with an 11.42 carat oval diamond. She said yes.

Neal, 58, told us Monday morning he decided to pop the question during a charity concert in Baltimore because their families would be there. He picked out the ring, planned to propose just before the song “Faithfully,” and prepared a speech: “I had this whole thing I was going to do.” But when he called Michaele, 47, on stage and got on one knee, “I started crying.” Pretty soon she was crying, too, and — of course — the audience went nuts. “It was the biggest ‘yes’ ever!” she said.

Michaele Salahi shows off her new 11-carat engagement ring, which she got Sunday night during an onstage proposal from her boyfriend, Journey guitarist Neal Schon. (Neal Schon)

After she left her marriage to Tareq Salahi, Michaele, 47, spent a year on tour with Neal — which, he says, convinced him she was willing and able to be the wife of a rock and roll musician. “I love the man so I embrace the life,” she said.

After the remaining six weeks on tour, the two will head home to San Francisco and begin planning the wedding. This will be her second marriage, his fifth; he has five children from his previous relationships.

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