Former US vice president Dick Cheney. (Richard Vogel/ Associated Press)

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Plotting his exit: From Day One, Dick Cheney was prepared to leave the Bush administration — but only if he lost his mental faculties. In his forthcoming memoir, “In My Time,” the former veep, now 70, reveals that shortly after taking office, he drafted and signed a letter of resignation, which was kept sealed in his office safe in case of emergency. “I did it because I was concerned that — for a couple of reasons. One was my own health situation,” he told NBC’s “Dateline” during an interview set to air Thursday. “The possibility that I might have a heart attack or a stroke that would be incapacitating. And, there is no mechanism for getting rid of a vice president who can’t function.” The book comes out next week.

Charged: Clark James Gable, grandson of the late actor Clark Gable, is facing up to three years in state prison, the L.A. Times reports. No, not for drug possession or shoplifting, the go-to crimes for today’s transgression-prone celebrity scions. It’s for aiming a laser pointer at a Los Angeles Police Department helicopter last month. The light beam (green, not the usual red), which Gable fired off while riding in a car on La Brea Avenue, briefly obstructed the vision of two officers aboard the chopper. The helicopter radioed ground units, who proceeded to track down the offending car. Gable has been charged with three felony counts of discharging a laser at an aircraft.

Disney/Pixar house ‘Up’for sale: If you can’t live like a movie star, you can at least live as if you’re in a movie. A Salt Lake City-based developer has built a replica of the sky-faring Victorian from the computer-animated Disney flick “Up,” reports the New York Times. The home — a 2,800-square-foot reproduction billed as “The Disney/Pixar ‘Up’ House,” listing for $400,000 — is the brainchild of Blair Bangerter, who worked out a design by watching the film dozens of times on his laptop. So, how did he avoid getting sued by Disney? Well, the son of former Utah governor Norm Bangerter (R) has no shortage of well-connected lawyer friends. But he also had the boss on his side: After checking out Bangerter’s blueprints, the film’s director, Pete Docter, intervened with Disney on his behalf, clearing the way for the ice-cream-colored home’s construction.

Quoted: “Be careful around January.”

Actor Jared Gilmore, 11, who plays Bobby on “Mad Men,” offering advice to his as-yet-uncast replacement (he’s leaving the show for a steady gig on ABC’s “Once Upon a Time”) regarding his colleague and on-screen mom, January Jones. “She’s not as approachable as the others,” he told TV Guide in an interview published Monday. “Everyone else is so nice.” Fellow “Mad Men” actor John Slattery attempted some damage control: “Well, it’s an intimidating character,” he told E! Online, after being asked about Gilmore’s dis.