Rep. Michele Bachmann (Andy Dunaway/Associated Press)

Quoted: “Before we get started, let’s all say ‘happy birthday’ to Elvis Presley today.”

Republican presidential hopeful Michele Bachmann addressing a Spartansburg, South Carolina crowd on the 34th anniversary of the pompadour-sporting crooner’s death. Oops. Presley’s birthday is Jan. 8th.

In other news...: San Diego police are looking to chat with Kobe Bryant following an alleged scuffle at a Carmel Valley, California church on Sunday, the Los Angeles Times reports. According to witnesses, the Lakers shooting guard got hot under the collar when he thought a man was taking photos of him and his wife, Vanessa, using a cell phone. During a confrontation at the back of the room, Bryant seized the device, but later returned it when he failed to find any mid-prayer snapshots. The man, as yet unidentified, went to the hospital seeking treatment for a minor wrist injury.

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