The Reliable Source is off but will return. Names and Faces is the column that runs in its space during holidays.

It was a long weekend (for most), and some big names were spotted at play around the District:

• Rolling Stones frontman Mick Jagger having lunch at Filomena on Sunday. Overheard saying, “We have a reservation for four,” with his “posh British accent,” by one of our colleagues.

“He’s really cool, by the way,” confirmed Dino Jensen, executive director at the Italian ristorante. While he couldn’t recall what the fashion icon was wearing, he did describe his attire as “casual.”

Jagger’s party had the gnocchi with pesto, chicken al mattone, penne pasta and pepperoni pizza. For dessert: the caramel eclair, tiramisu and strawberry cheesecake.

Jagger is in town to sing at Tuesday’s “In Performance at the White House,” a concert honoring the blues.

Bill and Hillary Clinton dining at 1789 on Friday night. The power couple sat in the Pub with some friends. The now-vegan former president washed down the cauliflower soup and vegetable plate with port. The couple said hello to the owner and chatted with some customers on their way out, then took a walk around the neighborhood, with only a couple of Secret Service agents trailing.

Travel troubles for Salahi

On the unavoidable Salahi news front, TMZ reports that Michaele Salahi had a run-in with the TSA on Sunday. While traveling with her beau, Journey rocker Neal Schon, one of their bodyguards was arrested at LaGuardia Airport for carrying a gun.

A rep for Salahi confirmed that the three were detained after a gun was found in a bag with Salahi’s name on its label. The bodyguard then explained that the bag was mislabeled and was his, assuring officials he had a concealed-weapon permit for it. Turns out the permit did not allow him to have a gun at an airport. The couple were on their way to Nashville, where Schon is recording his solo album.