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J.P. Morgan Chase has filed for foreclosure on O.J. Simpson’s Miami house, the Associated Press reports. The four-bedroom, four-bath house south of downtown Miami is valued at $478,401 — almost a hundred grand less than what Simpson paid for it. His lawyers have filed a motion to halt the action.

Simpson, 64, is serving a nine- to 33-year prison sentence in Nevada for kidnapping and armed robbery convictions involving a 2007 armed confrontation with a sports memorabilia dealer in a Las Vegas casino hotel room.

The former football star and actor was acquitted in an infamous 1995 trial for the slayings of his ex-wife, Nicole Brown Simpson, and her friend, Ronald Goldman..

Peter Dinklage, winner of the best supporting actor Golden Globe for his work on “Game of Thrones,” had Internet search engines spinning Sunday night after mentioning Martin Henderson in his acceptance speech.

Henderson is a British actor who was crippled in an assault outside a pub on his birthday in October, according to the Hollywood Reporter via the British newspaper the Sun. Henderson — who, like Dinklage, is a dwarf — now uses a wheelchair or walks with crutches. No arrests have been made in the case.

Before a TV audience of an estimated 17 million, Dinklage took the opportunity to raise awareness of Henderson’s plight.

Kelsey Grammer, winner of a Golden Globe for best actor in a TV drama for his performance in “Boss,” and his wife Kayte Walsh are expecting twins, People magazine reports.

The actor revealed backstage Sunday night that his wife is in her second trimester. “I’m really looking forward to meeting these new arrivals,” he said. “Fatherhood’s always different, based upon the character that comes into your life. They arrive and tell you what you have to do.”

Grammer, 56, has four children from two previous marriages.

QUOTED: “You’re prettier than me,” Angelina Jolie was overheard saying to her partner of almost seven years, Brad Pitt, at a Golden Globes after-party, according to Us Weekly. Although they were both nominated and both left empty-handed, Jolie jokingly told the Associated Press that she still had a lot to look forward to that evening: “Getting into bed with Brad!”