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Prince William and Kate Middleton. (Chris Jackson/Getty Images)

Christmas with family

Prince William and his wife, Kate Middleton, attended church in rural England on Christmas morning, reports People. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are spending the holidays with the Middletons while William’s family is in Sandringham, Norfolk. The couple went to St. Mark Church with Kate’s siblings, sister Pippa and brother James.

Baby on the way

Jessica Simpsonand fiance Eric Johnson are having a second baby, according to People. The news about Simpson’s pregnancy broke in November but had not been confirmed until the singer-actress tweeted a picture on Christmas Day of 7-month-old Maxwell Drew in red holiday pajamas with “Big Sis” written in the sand.

No, thanks

Ben Affleck made it crystal clear that he is not planning to run for the Massachusetts seat expected to be vacated by Sen. John F. Kerry, reports Politico. President Obama nominated Kerry on Friday for secretary of state, and Affleck was thought to be interested in filling the Senate opening. Not so. “I love Massachusetts and our political process, but I am not running for office,” the actor said on his Facebook account. Affleck will continue working with the Eastern Congo Initiative and combating hunger in the United States.

Still together

Singer Katy Perry has brought her boyfriend, John Mayer, home for the holidays, according to People. Perry, 28, and Mayer, 35, will be spending the holiday with Perry’s parents. Once thought to be nearing its end, the relationship seems to have been revived.


The homeless man who was the butt of many jokes in an infamous video shown at Justin Timberlake’s wedding wants to have a face-to-face meeting with the singer. Eddie, 57, hosted a news conference in downtown Los Angeles demanding a meeting with the entertainer. It seems Timberlake’s apology wasn’t enough. “What I take from your letter and its purpose,” Eddie, who hasn’t provided his last name, said of the apology, “is that you have a good heart but do not really understand the situation I face.” The video in question featured random homeless men and women in Los Angeles apologizing for missing Timberlake and Jessica Biel’s wedding. “I didn’t know I was being mocked,” Eddie said.

Wrong-turn swim

The man who swam onto Rihanna’s beachfront villa on Sunday told Barbados police that he was not trespassing but mistook the island for public property. The New York Daily News reports that the man was a tourist, not a stalker, and he meant no harm. He says he didn’t know he was on private property, let alone so close to the pop star.


“By the time my son’s old enough, it’ll be legal anyway.”

Wiz Khalifa on the “Wendy Williams Show” when asked if he will smoke marijuana with his son