The Donald’s dirty talk

Real estate developer and TV showman Donald Trump dropped F-bombs in a speech to supporters in Las Vegas on Thursday night, at the same time reassuring the crowd he was considering a run for the presidency.

Donald Trump grooves to the music after speaking to a crowd of 600 in Vegas Thursday. (Julie Jacobson/AP)

Focusing mostly on foreign affairs, Trump sprinkled insults directed toward global leaders into a 30-minute stump speech.

Trump also said he wouldn’t help struggling nations such as South Korea, Iraq or Libya without payment. “I’m interested in protecting none of them unless they pay,” he said.

When discussing trade, he said he would tell China’s leaders, “Listen, you [expletive], we’re going to tax you 25 percent.”

Trivial matters

The Newseum hosted National Journal’s third annual Political Pursuit trivia night Friday — an event that gave journalists, congressmen and a smattering of talking heads (billed as the Hotline Insiders) a chance to prove their wonk mettle.

The congressmen won. The team — which included Sen. Mark Begich (D-Alaska), Rep. Dennis Ross (R-Fla.), along with former House members Tom Davis (R-Va.) and Martin Frost (D-Tex.) — cleaned up, scoring 240 points.

The press team — NBC News’s Chuck Todd, ABC News’s Amy Walter and CNN’s Dana Bash and Mark Preston — took second, with a score of 180. The Insiders — which included Hillary Clinton’s former presidential campaign adviser Kiki McLean and ex-“Crossfire” guy Rob Autry — didn’t do so hot (only 135 points). They were quick on the buzzer, though.

To be fair, the questions were hard — the kind of election esoterica that only a 4.0 GPA poli-sci geek from the deepest darkest think tank on Earth could recall handily. The audience couldn’t keep up. More often than not, the contestants were stumped, too.

“Which one of these five is not a real nickname attributed to a past or present congressional district?” Nobody knew. “Name this Virginian, elected as an independent in 1970 and 1976, now the oldest living former senator.” The answer was Harry Byrd. Nobody got it right. “In fairness to our team, Rob Autry said Senator Byrd,” said McLean, apologizing. “And I said, ‘He’s dead.’ ”

( Courtesy of David Von Storch / )

David von Storch. The D.C.-based entrepreneur and reality-show hopeful— whose lifestyle empire includes Capitol City Brewing Company, Bang salons and Vida Fitness clubs — hasn’t hit the Forbes 400, yet. But if it’s any consolation, he landed a slot on the Men’s Health list of physically fit rich guys. With a net worth of $28 million, von Storch took the No. 16 slot. Whom did he beat? Just No. 17, John McQuaig, a Wenatchee, Wash.-based consultant.

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