President Barack Obama kissing first lady Michelle Obama at the Team USA and Brazil in an Olympic exhibition basketball game on Monday. (Alex Brandon/Associated Press)

Ah, the perils of the Kiss Cam! The White House issued a denial Tuesday after it looked like Michelle Obama rebuffed a big-screen kiss from her husband at Monday’s Team USA basketball game. “I will say that this incident was the subject of some high-level conversations on the helicopter en route to Andrew’s Air Force Base this morning,” Deputy Press Secretary Josh Earnest told reporters.

What really happened, according to Earnest:

The first couple noticed they were on Jumbotron at Verizon Center but didn’t realize it was a Kiss Cam moment — so the president never leaned in for a kiss and the crowd booed. A second attempt in the fourth quarter (egged on by daughter Malia) resulted in a solid lip lock. Of course, that happened just after the press pool was brought back into the arena, guaranteeing that cameras would catch the First Smoocher in all his glory. (Coincidence? Your call.)

Kiss Cams, so controversial! Both the Capitals and Mystics years ago pulled the plug on the practice: Too many cheap laughs and too much pressure for first dates, the PDA-averse, and couples who didn’t expect to be seen together.

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