Aubrey Plaza and Chris Pratt of NBC's "Parks and Recreation" in front of the White House Thursday.

Updated 5 p.m.

If you’re a fan of “Parks and Recreation,” you might find some spoilers on the streets of Washington this week. There were Andy and April (actors Chris Pratt and Aubrey Plaza) bantering in front of the White House Thursday morning. For the most part it appeared to be a loose and casual shoot — the Emmy-nominated NBC sitcom about small-town bureaucrats is done mockumentary-style — with crew simply warning passers-by they might end up on TV rather than clearing them away.

But when stars Amy Poehler and Adam Scott (as Leslie and Ben) took their places on set, the extras suddenly had to be bundled up in coats. Hmm — so the action jumps to the winter months? Well, that’s something. Word on the set was that filming moved over to the Old Executive Office Building. HmmmJoe Biden’s digs? The veep is a running joke on the show. No word from his office, though. UPDATED 5 p.m.: But! Publicists for the show revealed that John McCain, Barbara Boxer and Olympia Snowe will all play themselves in a cocktail party scene for the episode airing Sept. 27.

Meanwhile, Baltimore was doing its darnedest to step into the role of Georgetown during an overnight shoot that went into the wee hours of Thursday. For filming of the Kevin Spacey political thriller “House of Cards,” Johns Hopkins’ Peabody Institute was transformed into the fictitious “Hotel Cotesworth,” a supposedly historic D.C. institution where the presidents have slept. The miniseries, which will be released on Netflix, is set inside the Beltway but being filmed in Maryland, which offers producers more tax incentives.

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