Martinez tears up as his portrait, right, is unveiled at the Smithsonian’s National Portrait Gallery. (Alex Brandon/AP)

“I’ve been in tough games,” Martinez said, eyes glistening throughout his speech. “Really really tough games. But never felt this much emotion in any of the games as I’m feeling right now. I’m not a person who gets nervous, but I’m a little shaky.”

Martinez and wife Carolina with his portrait by Susan Miller-Havens. (Alex Brandon/AP)

Martinez choked up a couple times in his speech before an audience that included his wife and kids, brother and fellow MLB pitcher Ramon, their boyhood idol Juan Marichal (one of the first Dominican pitchers in the majors, and already a Portrait Gallery icon), and Dominican Republic Ambassador Roberto Saladin. Now a free agent, Martinez hasn’t pitched since the 2009 season. Without making any official retirement announcement, he struck something of a farewell tone, alluding to his “next step” and telling teammates that “even if I don’t throw a ball anymore, they will always be part of my career.”

Leave it to the many sportswriters in the room to probe further on that topic. (“The scale is tipping... toward retirement,” he told We work for something called the Style section, so we had to ask about his gray suit, which, seen up close, shimmered with a delicate grid of lavender and orange dots. Sounds insane, we know, but in person it looked rich.

Designer? A custom Ted Baker. “It was made for me,” Martinez said. “I was modeling their clothes for New York magazine — since then, they make my clothes.” So now you know.

Video of the Pedro Martinez portrait presentation ceremony.