Former New York Giants receiver Plaxico Burress at the news conference in New York on Monday. (Richard Drew/ AP)

One week after his release from prison on gun charges, Plaxico Burress jump-started his comeback by teaming up with D.C.’s Brady Center to Prevent Gun Violence. The former New York Giants receiver appeared at a press conference Monday with former NFL coach Tony Dungy, Urban League president Marc Morial and Brady Center president Paul Helmke.

Burress, 33, missed two football seasons while serving time for illegally carrying a handgun into a New York nightclub (accidentally shooting himself in the thigh). Prison, he said Monday, gave him time to think: “All those days I was saying to myself, ‘How can I take the next step?’ and ‘How can people learn from what happened to me?’ ” It’s no secret Burress wants to get back in the game, so how real is his contrition?

“I wondered what’s going on here, too,” Helmke told us. He was suspicious when Burress first contacted the Brady Center a year ago. “I grilled him and asked, ‘How do I know you’re serious? What lessons did you learn?’ ” The two met for the first time at the press conference. “He struck me as someone who was sincere. . . You never know for sure. You’ve got to take chances on people sometimes.”

Plans call for Burress to work with other athletes and young people; he may be in D.C. within the next two weeks.