Trump with wife Melania in Sarasota Sunday. (Edward Linsmier/Getty Images)

“I fully understand why her former husband left her for a man — he made a good decision.”

Donald Trump in a rather un-statesmanlike tweet Tuesday morning aimed at Arianna Huffington (”unattractive both inside and out”). Uh, what prompted that? Michael Cohen, a rep for the developer/reality star/erstwhile presidential wannabe, told us it was “the phony Huffington Post’s massive and consistently inaccurate reporting on Mr. Trump.” He didn’t specify which stories (though HuffPost recently mocked Trump’s snarky tweets as the product of “Donald Grump.”) As for Huffington, the Web tycoon — who split amicably with her former congressman husband Michael Huffington in 1997, a year before he announced he’s bisexual — did not respond for comment, which is probably the right way to respond.

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