Mick Jagger in London, 1964. (Terry O'Neill/ Getty Images)

“The Stones are morbid and pathetic and very close to being ugly.”

— Our former colleague Paul Richard in The Washington Post’s 1965 review of the Rolling Stones in concert, exhumed by our BlogPost colleagues on the occasion of Mick Jagger’s 68th birthday Tuesday. Still feel that way, Paul? “Mea culpa,” he wrote us. “I’d grown up in Chicago hearing Muddy Waters live, and Little Walter too, which made Mick appear a rip-off, and while I’d gone to judge his music all I heard was children screaming. . . What did I know? Many furious 12-year-olds wrote in at the time objecting (with success) to my first, as well as last, rock-and-roll review.” Happy Birthday, Mick.

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