Alex Ovechkin, right, with Maria Kirilenko at Wimbledon last spring. (Sang Tan/AP)

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“It’s not that feeling anymore when you can do whatever you want. You have a girl with a tennis racket and she can hit you. It’s funny. It’s great feelings for me right now.”

Ovie’s girl-with-the-tennis racket. (Tracey nearmy/EPA)

Alex Ovechkin telling reporters how his life changed during the NHL lockout when he got engaged to tennis star Maria Kirilenko, reports our colleague Katie Carrera. (Oh, and the Russian slogan on the t-shirt he wore to the press conference: “Am I really the prettiest one here, again?”)

Congratulations, Ron Charles! Our book-critic colleague is a finalist for the prestigious Hatchet Job of the Year prize — yes, a real thing! — for his scathing review of “Lionel

Martin Amis: Memorably skewered by our critic. (Isabel Fonseca)

Asbo” by Martin Amis. (“The grating tone of an episode of “The Beverly Hillbillies” sketched on the back of an envelope by England’s finest stylist. . . serving up blanched stereotypes on the silver platter of his prose as though it contained enough spice to entertain or even shock.” Oh, go read the whole thing!)

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