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Joe Biden meets with Bradley Cooper and director David O. Russell at the White House Thursday. (See larger image) (David Lienemann/Official White House Photo)

Just a week after making his celebvocacy debut in Washington, Bradley Cooper was back stumping on mental health issues, this time scoring a West Wing visit Thursday night with Joe Biden. Along for the ride was his “Silver Linings Playbook” director David O. Russell, who also stood with senators at a press conference unveiling a proposed new system for community mental health services. (Cynics wonder if this Hollywood do-gooder push is really a high-minded Oscar campaign — but mental health advocates are thrilled with the attention the movie has given them.)

In other news: A trove of personal Bush family emails and photos were hacked, and the Secret Service is now investigating . . . The inspirational choirs of Newtown children lately seen on TV and at big public events raise quetsions “about the slender line between remembrance and commodification,” writes our colleague Monica Hesse. . . “Betty and Coretta,” a new biopic about the widows of Malcolm X and MLK Jr., fails some historical accuracy tests, according to a critic at TheRootDC.

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