Jude Law signs autographs in Toronto. (Aaron Vincent Elkaim/AP)

How the Toronto International Film Festival is like the political conventions: “an all-important confab during which candidates show their stuff to constituents, kicking off months during which masssive amounts of money will be spent” — though the goal is not the White House but an Oscar, reports Ann Hornaday. Contenders include Joaquin Phoenix, Ben Affleck, Marion Cotillard. Is the Venice Film Festival the Iowa caucus? Discuss amongst yourself. (See earlier: Gary Oldman, the Jon Huntsman of the Oscar race)

Also: Hosts of the fashionista-mobbed “GoGo for Obama” party in NYC’s East Village couldn’t offer an open bar, per the campaign’s rules for grass-roots fundraisers, reports Katherine Boyle, but did they say anything about dancers in scanty Obama boxer-briefs? . . . And wedding bells are ringing for the Washington Nationals! Seven Nats have plans to get hitched in the off-season, reports Sarah Kogod.

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