Jennifer Lawrence, who obviously changed after the Oscars show, arrives at the Vanity Fair party Sunday night. (Adrian Sanchez-Gonzales/AFP/Getty Images)


“One woman’s sole job is to continuously hoist a section of Jennifer Lawrence’s gold-metallic dress to the southern hemisphere of her buttocks so the best actress can use her knees properly. The crowd currents eddy toward and around her, and sometimes it’s impossible to move, and sometimes it’s impossible to stop moving, and excuse me, ma’am — er, David Spade.”

— An excerpt from Dan Zak’s surreal journey through the Vanity Fair Oscar party, where “the density of stars bends space-time” as he watches a Hemsworth check out Jane Fonda and “Hugh Jackman endur[ing] eight lonely seconds of having no one talk at him”; gets molested by a drunk guest; and ponders cryptic advice from Buzz Aldrin and Catherine O’Hara. Go read the whole thing right now!: All is inanity at Vanity Fair’s Oscar party

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