Another interesting story in The Washington Post:

John Hawkes and his face from another century, used convincingly in “Deadwood" and “Lincoln.” (Freestyle Releasing via AP)

“Younger people are so much more handsome and beautiful than they were when I was growing up. Teeth are better. There’s better nutrition. We’re mutating into a more attractive species.”

— John Hawkes on the difficulty of finding actors who can convincingly play roles in historical films. In an L.A. Times story reprinted in the Post’s Sunday Style, Rebecca Keegan points out how “teeth whitening, plastic surgery, body piercings, weight training, healthful eating and yoga have made it a challenge to find the perfect period performer.” Anne Hathaway’s Pantene-perfect hair on a 19th century factory worker in “Les Miserables”? Yeah, right. And even the best makeup could not hide that fact that Daniel Day-Lewis’s “Lincoln” had pierced ears.

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