Other interesting stories in The Washington Post:

Huguette Clark in 1917. (Montana Historical Society Research Center-Photograph Archived, Helena, Montana)

Huguette Clark spent the last 80 years of her life mostly alone, playing with dollhouses and watching the “Smurfs.” She left behind $306 million — and three different wills, one of which would be very beneficial to the Corcoran, reports David Montgomery. (Meanwhile, a more sociable and less eccentric heiress, Marjorie Merriwether Post left behind so many antiques that her Hillwood Museum has to sell some of them off.)

In other news: Sonia Sotomayor is just another U Street resident who patronizes the local Greek deli and donates wine to the condo holiday party, reports Ian Shapira — though neighbors still seem a little giddy and star-struck. . .

(Tannen Maury/EPA)

Beyonce at the Super Bowl: Musically “serviceable” but physically, um, wow, says music critic Chris Richards. Update: Our dance critic Sarah Kaufman weighs in on Beyonce. “Something we’d never seen before from this ordinarily cool, controlled diva came out in New Orleans: a raging, full-bore athleticism. . .Did you see her sink to her knees and rise up again in those heels, sans thigh cramps?”

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