Other interesting stories in The Washington Post:


What happens when the leading lady and her understudy are felled by flu? A new star is born! Hannah Willman wowed the Arena Stage audience Sunday when she stepped out of the “My Fair Lady” chorus and into the role of Eliza Doolittle after just a couple hours of rehearsal Saturday night. (Lively debate in the comments here.)

In other news: Sen. Rand Paul’s teenage son arrested on a drunk-and-disorderly charge at the Charlotte airport.

“What the blank is this? This is like some contraption out of Guantanamo.” Rahm Emanuel balking at submitting to an interview with Discovery’s “Interrotron” cameras for new documentary, or so producers tell the TV Column. (Did he really say “blank”? Doubtful.)

Looking for today’s Reliable Source? Start here: Who’s sitting in Dan Snyder’s box? Redskins owner is loyal to regular guests