Other interesting stories in The Washington Post:

Roger Moore with Jane Seymour in “Live and Let Die.” (AP)

With the 50th anniversary of the James Bond movies, It's about time someone stood up for Roger Moore, who did the job he had to do for what the James Bond of his era had to be. Check out the Style section’s full analysis of 007 iconography (the girls, the guns, the gadgets, the cars, the cocktails, etc.) — but do not miss our colleague Jason Horowitz’s full-hearted defense of Moore’s winking James Bond:

“Roger Moore seemed to know that trying to control the mission was futile. You just had to go with it and smile. . . Who else but Moore could accidentally inhale some treasure out of a belly dancer’s belly button, make a funny face and then get into a fist/karate-chop fight. . . Once you bought in, that was a whole lot better than watching the expensive explosions that have destroyed many latter-day Bond movies.” (Roger Moore: The greatest 007 ever?)

In other news: Maryland is suddenly a magnet for celebvocates — David Copperfield lobbying for casinos, Melissa Etheridge, Susan Sarandon and Ed Norton pushing for gay marriage.

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