Another interesting story in The Washington Post:

A Michael Jackson fedora at a recent auction. (Christian Hartman/Reuters/REUTERS)

The sad story of Jesse Jackson Jr.’s downfall got even sadder when the feds charged him with misusing $750,000 of campaign funds on his own lifestyle — and sure, there’s a Rolex and a fur coat in the mix, but a chunk of it went to reliving the 47-year-old’s ’70s and ’80s childhood, report our colleague Michael Laris and Ann Marimow: “$10,105 worth of Bruce Lee memorabilia. . . $14,200 in random Michael Jackson memorabilia. . . $4,000 for a ‘Michael Jackson and Eddie Van Halen’ guitar . . . $4,600 for a Michael Jackson fedora.” No mention of vintage Farrah posters or “Knight Rider” replicars in the court filing, alas.

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