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Joey Belcher (Family Photo)

In other news: Ken Cuccinelli seems to be following in the superhero footsteps of Cory Booker: This weekend the Virginia AG came to the rescue of a trucker in a burning rig. . . How former Fox 5 sportscaster Dave Feldman became the nation’s leading Harbaugh historian. . . . Barbara Walters has chickenpox.(updated 1 p.m.)

John Leopold (Astrid Riecken)

— Attorney Robert Bonsib arguing that there’s nothing wrong with Anne Arundel County Executive John Leopold, who is now battling misconduct charges, allegedly requiring his security detail to escort him to parking lot trysts with his girlfriend.

Looking for Monday’s Reliable Source? Start here: Alfalfa Club turns 100 with annual dinner of the elites: Henry Kissinger, Mitt Romney, Valerie Jarrett, others