(Lindsay Lohan (Kevork Djansezian/ Getty Images))

There’s some tension in the D.C. police department over whether the escort that Charlie Sheen received back in April — which allegedly included high speeds and flashing lights — was kosher. At a hearing on Thursday, Cmdr. Hilton B. Burton, head of the special operations division, said it was all by the book. Police Chief Cathy Lanier did not agree.

The estate of deceased playmate Anna Nicole Smith has spent the last several years fighting to ply a few extra millions from the coffers of her oil tycoon hubby (also deceased). It’s not going to happen, though. On Thursday, the Supreme Court put the Kibosh on Smith’s case.

Over the last decade, Rep. Timothy V. Johnson (R-Ill.) has done his best to place a personal phone call to each of his constituents. Now the Illinois legislature has drawn him up a brand new district, so he’ll have to start all over again.