Other interesting stories in The Washington Post:

Van Cliburn in 1959. (John Rooney)

Soviet women fainted at Van Cliburn’s concerts; U.S. fans ripped the door off his limo; his biography came out when he was 24; by 28, an international piano competition was named for him. Any wonder the rest of his life was, Tim Page writes, “a long study in anticlimax”?

Dennis Tito after his own space-tourism trip via a Russian mission in 2001. (Sergei Chirikov/EPA)

“I can imagine Dr. Phil talking to this couple and solving their marital problems.”

— Millionaire Dennis Tito envisioning the commercial possibilities of his plan to send a married couple on the ultimate of space tourism, a 501-day round trip to Mars. (Naturally, the couple he has in mind already logged time in the infamous Biosphere 2.) Read more of the crazy details in Brian Vastag’s story.

Morrissey (Dan Balilty/AP)

“Jimmy Kimmel. . . has finally revealed his show to have an overwhelming loss of meaning. Tune in and relive the intellectual fog of the 1950s.”

— Morrissey in a withering response to the late-night host, who witheringly mocked the melancholy British singer/animal rights activist for canceling an appearance when he learned he’d been booked alongside a gang of duck-hunting reality TV stars.

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