Jessica Chastain as “Maya” in “Zero Dark Thirty.” (Jonathan Olley/AP)

Jessica Chastain could win an Oscar for playing the CIA agent who tracked Osama bin Laden in “Zero Dark Thirty” — but the real-life “Maya” (not her actual name) lost out on a promotion to GS-14 after the operation, reports our colleague Greg Miller. Her rocky career and testy relationship with colleagues (whom she lashed out at in a mass email) may remind you just a little of Carrie in “Homeland.” As one associate notes, “She’s not Miss Congeniality, but that’s not going to find Osama bin Laden.”

Rob Nabors, right, with President Obama. (Rex Features/AP)

In other news: A Hollywood starlet’s mansion in Bethesda has fallen into disrepair. . . Hillary Clinton has the flu. . . Stephen Colbert pushes for Senate appointment; polls show voters dig the idea.

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