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Welcome to Casa de Campo, the ultra-elite resort on the Dominican coast where Bransons, Clintons and Kardashians vacation — and where Sen. Bob Menendez unwisely took some free trips with an FBI-scrutinized donor. Our colleague Manuel Roig Franzia presents a deliciously decadent travelogue — but reports that, for all the rumors, it’s actually not that easy to get hookers there. Supposedly.

Crusading attorney Gloria Allred, left, with client Natalie Khawam at a D.C. press conference last fall. (Gary Cameron/Reuters)

In other news: As Secretary of Interior, Sally Jewell would technically be eighth in line of presidential succession — but she can never take over, even if she’s the lone survivor of a Beltway apocalypse, and here’s why, according to Al Kamen. . . Recapping Barbara Walters’ list of ailments . . . Watch out, Washington men: Gloria Allred is joining the D.C. Bar.

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