Other interesting stories in The Washington Post:

Michelle Williams. C’mon, try harder! (Royce DeGrie/Getty Images for GMC TV)

Michelle Williams really needs to learn how to lie better, declares our colleague Jessica Goldstein. Confronted with rumors that Destiny’s Child will pull off a “surprise” reunion with Beyonce at the Super Bowl, the best Williams can must is: “I wish I could help you! It’s still up in the air.” And yet, ahem, the Shakespeare Theatre, where Williams is headlining in “Fela!” has announced that she will be absent Thursday through Sunday. Read more from Goldstein’s Michelle Williams interview and make up your own mind.

Former Gates Foundation chief Patty Stonesifer is going to work at small D.C. charity Martha’s Table — which “is like General Electric business titan Jack Welch showing up to manage the corner appliance store, or one of the Super Bowl-bound Harbaugh brothers deciding to coach high school football,” writes Steve Hendrix.

In other news: Jon Stewart sends mixed mesages on guns, writes Lisa de Moraes. . . Hillary Clinton is more focused on her next memoir than 2016, or so she says.

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