Bernstein and Ephron in marginally happier times, 1978. (Richard Drew/AP)

Nora Ephron on her marriage to and divorce from former Post reporter Carl Bernstein. The writer/filmmaker, who died Tuesday at 71, found rich and saucy material in her own life: her small breasts, her aging neck, the faked orgasms demonstrated in “When Harry Met Sally,” the philandering husband of “Heartburn” said to be “capable of having sex with a Venetian blind.” The former Kennedy White House intern thinks she was the only young woman there “whom the president did not make a pass at,” perhaps because he “somehow sensed that discretion was not my middle name.” (Read Adam Bernstein’s obituary: Nora Ephron, prolific author and screenwriter, dies at 71.)

Gio Gonzalez at the Dream Gala with Nyoka Duong. (D.C. Sports Bog)

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