Other interesting stories in The Washington Post:

Bain in “Diff’rent Strokes” (NBC Television/Getty Images)

President Obama, safely into his second term, agrees to put D.C.’s ever-so-subtle “taxation without representation” plates on his limo — four years after stonewalling D.C. statehood advocates who begged him to make the gesture.

Sad obit of the day: Conrad Bain, aka, “Mr. Drummond,” dies at 89, which means that only Todd “Willis” Bridges and Charlotte “Mrs. Garrett” Rae survive of the original “Diff’rent Strokes” cast.

(Michael Williamson/The Washington Post)

“Joe remained a Baptist, though he behaved like an Episcopalian. And he gave to the Catholics. So Joe could have walked through several gates to heaven.”

— Vernon Jordan eulogizing media magnate/banking tycoon Joe Allbritton at a National Cathedral memorial service Tuesday.

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