Our squabbling 112th Congress is actually one of the most polite, according to a new report, which found a strikingly low number of insults on the House floor compared to past years. Why is that? Some say a return to civility after the Giffords shooting; others say it helps that Anthony Weiner isn’t around anymore, reports David Fahrenthold. Highlights from past years include “you little fruitcake,” “Howdy Doody-lookin’ nimrod,” and the ever popular “lap dogs.” Fascinating congressional insults graphic, too.

(Josh Sisk for The Washington Post )

OMG, Enrique Iglesias let a high school kid do a shot of liquor on stage with him! And then let the kid sing! And let a girl grope him! Incredible showmanship from an otherwise unremarkable musician, says critic Dave McKenna.