(Ted Nugent (Gene J. Puskar/ AP Photo))

Following the fallout from Tom Petty vs. Michele Bachmann : What rock song should she play? Ted Nugent, a big fan of the GOP contender, has a recommendation that is virtually unprintable in a family paper. Our colleague Joe Heim also seeks input, naturally, from Bachman-Turner Overdrive. And Chris Richards examines the politics of these frequent standoffs between candidates and musicians. Also, quiz time: Which candidate played which song?

Ryan Zimmerman gets the keys to Nationals Park one night a year — it’s a deal he’s got written into his contract. And on Thursday night, he’ll use that privilege to host a benefit at the park to fight multiple sclerosis, the disease his mother was diagnosed with when he was 11.

Wendy Rieger shows off her riverfront home on Maryland’s Western Shore.