Inside the hugely competitive, slightly seamy world of TV news “bookers,” forever trying to chase exclusive interviews with the newly-infamous. Who are the biggest “get”s still ungotten? Dominique Strauss-Kahn and Anthony Weiner, for sure, reports our colleague Paul Farhi -- but even the even more coveted prize would be Casey Anthony or Amanda Knox... In other news, the Building Museum cancels an award ceremony honoring Caterpillar because of political protests, reports Monica Hesse.

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“I always thought women who were scared of sex loved Adlai.”

Jackie Kennedy on Adlai Stevenson II, former Illinois governor and her husband’s 1960 primary opponent, in yet another dishy excerpt from the new book of interviews, analyzed by our colleague Vince Bzdek. Unlike JFK, who demanded “a man would be the leader” in a relationship, she detected that “with Adlai... he’d be sort of sweet and you could talk.”