1995 — In: Warren Harding; Out: Tonya Harding

2008 — In: Naps; Out: Sex

1987 — In: Chestnuts; Out: Hazelnuts

1993 — In: David Letterman; Out: Jay Leno

2011 — In: Ballerinas; Out: Zombies
1990 — In: Arsenio Hall; Out: Eddie Murphy

1978 — In: Princess Leia coils; Out: Farrah Fawcett curls

Since time immemorial — or at least 1978 — the Style staff has labored to inform you every New Year what is of-the-moment and what is So Over. Dan Zak and Monica Hesse will launch the 2012 list on Wednesday. But join the countdown now going on over at their Style Tumblr. Or browse through our repository of past Lists going back 34 years. Or watch Dan and Monica discuss last year’s List on “Today.

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