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Another year, more madness for our annual Reliable Source Tournament. The field includes gossip powerhouses (George Clooney), repeat offenders (Michaele Salahi in a so-bad-it’s-good Journey video), up-and-coming sensations (Rick Santorum’s sweater vest, the Huntsman girls), and a few love-gone-wrong stories. We’ve drilled down to our Final Four; tell us your pick for gossip champ at

Update, 4/4: We have a winner!

For more details on the match-ups, click on the links below:


Clooney gets cuffed. (Jahi Chikwendiu/The Washington Post)

Rand Paul vs. TSA vs. Chris Hitchens vs. FBI

John Kerry’s blacks eyes vs. Bash Kazi’s polo spill

Bobby Rush hoodie vs. Barney Frank t-shirt


Michelle Obama on "iCarly”. (Lisa Rose/Nicelodeon)

Blue Ivy trademark vs. Roseanne Barr for president

Huntsman girls vs. Romney boys

Michaele Salahi Journey video vs. Michelle O on iCarly

Louis C.K.: Too blue for D.C.? (Eric Leibowitz/FX)

Blago goes to prison vs. Mike Daisey lies

Louis C.K. drops RTCA dinner vs. Delonte West skips WH

Mayor Gray blows off SOTU vs. Obama skips Gridiron

“Hospitalized for exhaustion” vs. “Spending more time with family”


JFK intern Mimi Alford in 1963. (photo courtesy of Mimi Alford)

Fred Upton’s sexy niece vs. JFK intern Mimi Alford

Lynda Robb/George Hamilton dinner vs. Dennis and Elizabeth Kucinich lost primary

“Housewives” Stacie and Jason Turner split vs. Dana Bash/John King split