Bradley Cooper in Washington last week. (Paul Morigi/WifeImage)

Please join the Reliable Source weekly online discussion today at noon. Actors were everywhere this week: Bradley Cooper’s advocacy for mental health felt a little like an Oscar campaign. We met “Homeland’s” Abu Nazir in real life, and spoiler alert: He is very, very handsome. Kevin Spacey seemed to hate red carpets as much as we do. And can Ashley Judd win a Senate race? Also, Beyonce broke her silence on the National Anthem scandal — then proved her point with an athletic, slightly breathless live show at the Super Bowl. Karl Lagerfeld had opinions about Michelle Obama’s appearance — and so did a lot of weird folks. The “Reluctant Spy” stepped out, pre-prison. Check out “Knife Fight,” the new movie by and about a cutthroat political strategist. Congratulations to Jim Nabors. And, er, same to you, Dan Marino. Georgetown Cupcake: whoops. Cute couple expecting cute baby. And R.I.P. Barney Bush.

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