Yeah, that guy. Your thoughts? (Robyn Beck/AFP/Getty Images)

Please join the Reliable Source weekly online discussion today at noon. The Oscars have come and gone, and now you’re wondering who Seth offended, why Kristen was limping, what Affleck said about his marriage and why Michelle Obama was there. Also: Everyone is now in love with Jennifer Lawrence. Back in D.C.: Is there something going around? Another politician, Pete Domenici, confesses he has a secret child — who has the pedigree of a future politician himself. Laura Bush objects to being included in a same-sex marriage ad. Elizabeth Warren puts down roots in Penn Quarter. Michael Saylor invests in a new yacht: Third time’s the charm? Dennis Rodman marches on North Korea. Cupcake lady has baby. So does Wiz Khalifa. Josh Brolin and Diane Lane — we saw that coming, right? Janet Jackson got married and didn’t even tell us.

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