Nugent chats up Thomas Lauderdale at the State of the Union. (Joshua Roberts/Bloomberg)

Please join the Reliable Source weekly online discussion today at noon. Ted Nugent made friends with liberals at the State of the Union. Conor Kennedy — yes, that one — made his activism debut with a White House arrest. Lesley Murphy survived “The Bachelor” and returned to her Beltway job. Gavin Newsom just looks like he only plays a politician on TV, but he really is one. Washington men mount a resistance to white-tie dress codes. Steve Martin is a dad at 67. Alec Baldwin gets into it with paparazzi, again. New Jersey makes Miss America an offer she can’t refuse. The Georgetown dogs that were the Harbaughs of Westminster. Anyone notice “Lincoln’s” pierced ears? And sometimes it turns out your congressman isn’t tweeting at his secret girlfriend, just his secret daughter.

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