Hunter’s new book, set for release next week. (AP)

• According to Hunter, Edwards said he’d had at least two mistresses before her. But he also told her at the start of the affair that he had three other current ones — which he later said was a pure invention so she wouldn’t get too attached.

Grade: A Wow. Not just lying to his wife and to his mistress, but lying about cheating that didn’t actually happen!

• Hunter calls the late Elizabeth Edwards “crazy,”“venomous” and a raging “witch on wheels.”

Grade: C Tacky, insensitive — and yet utterly predictable.

• Her biggest regret: “Going along with the stupid idea” of letting Andrew Young claim paternity of daughter Quinn.

Grade: B THAT’s her biggest regret?

Hunter in the April 2010 issue of GQ. (Mark Seliger/GQ)

Grade: C Instead of, say, being a lying liar trying to save his political life.

• Edwards told Hunter that, if convicted, he would probably end up in a low-security prison, likely in Virginia. She told him she and Quinn would move there to be near him.

Grade: B Virginia is for lovers.

• She says she doesn’t know or care if they will end up together: “The love is here.”

Grade: D Or, at least, the child support.

UPDATE,j 6/20: Rielle says she and John are still a couple

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