Vintage Bill and Hillary. Spoiler alert: She married him. (AP)

Coming soon to a theater near you: A feisty young woman in the 1970s is torn between her important new job in the big city and the love of her life, who wants her to move to the sticks.

Are you ready for Hillary Clinton: the Chick Flick?

A screenplay dramatizing the secretary of state’s early career — when she was a young lawyer with the House Judiciary Committee, while Bill was getting started in Arkansas politics — is in development by Temple Hill Entertainment. Last month, “Rodham” was named the fourth-hottest unproduced script in the annual “Black List” poll of Hollywood execs. (Other Washington stories on the list: a thriller about a journalist investigating an Air Force One crash; a Joe McCarthy biopic; a couple of CIA dramas.) Screenwriter Young Il Kim told Politico this week that he was inspired by a photo of Clinton “when she was in her 20s with Coke-bottle glasses and long, hippie hair.”

Great, now let’s move on to the fun part: casting!

No names have yet been attached, so we are free to run wild with our purely speculative wish-lists. Bear in mind that Reese Witherspoon and Leo DiCaprio, etc., are already too old, sorry.

Emma Stone (Chris Pizzello)

For Hillary:

Jennifer Lawrence, Kristen Stewart: Too young, don’t you think?

Emma Stone: Sure, why not? She’s in every other movie these days. And she has the gravitas of a young Rodham.

Ellen Page: The “Juno” star is an edgier pick, but we can totally see her do the stringy hair/big glasses thing.

Scarlett Johansson (Victoria Will/Invision/AP)

Scarlett Johansson: Stay with us here. Too sexy, you say? But look at those cheekbones, the blond hair/dark brows combo.Maybe? Remember, it is a love story.

For Bill:

(Frazer Harrison/Getty Images)

Ryan Gosling: Just slap a scraggly ’70s beard on that lantern jaw. Canadian, though that can be worked with. But too sensitive?

Justin Timberlake: Southern, at least. Too skinny?

Chris Hemsworth: The guy who played “Thor” — definitely has presence.

Tom Hardy (Tim Whitby/Getty Images)

Jason Segel: Now, stay with us here. Kind of outside-the-box, yes. But big guy, beaky nose, unconventional appeal. And who says this can’t be a comedy?

Tom Hardy: Fleshy-faced, flirtatious British actor, played Bane in “The Dark Knight Rises.” We’re getting closer here.

Fantasy long-shot pick:

Mamie Gummer and Ben Walker (Marvin Joseph/The Washington Post)

Mamie Gummer and Ben Walker: Meryl Streep’s high-cheekboned daughter, and her real-life husband, the strapping stage actor who already played a prez in “Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Killer”. . . .Hmm, yeah, maybe only if it’s an art-house movie. Got a better idea? Share it in the comments.

UPDATE, Jan. 9: Readers suggest Elizabeth Olsen, Ryan Reynolds, an Australian guy you’ve never heard of.

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