Super-smart star-progeny, Ronan Farrow. (Gary He/Associated Press)

The only local to land a prestigious Rhodes scholarship: Ronan Farrow, the genius son of Mia Farrow and Woody Allen. Farrow, 23, has been at the State Department for the past year — who knew? — working for Hillary Clinton on global youth issues. He’s probably gotten less attention for being a celebrity kid than for his precocious (even by D.C. standards) resume: Graduated from Bard College at 15, Yale Law School at 21, plus jobs with UNICEF and the late Richard Holbrooke. A former colleague of his described him as “bright, tech-savvy,”and very low-key about his VIP pedigree: “He doesn’t talk about it.” The scholarship gives him a free ride at Oxford; he’ll study international-development issues beginning in the fall of 2012. “Thanks all; Rhodes is a great honor & opportunity,” Ronan tweeted Sunday. “But for now very focused on fostering youth jobs and voices w/ #SecClinton & @StateDept.”

Clarification, 11/23: Not the only scholar with a local credentials, it turns out. Stephanie J. Bryson — listed in a Rhodes press release by her California address and alma mater — is currently a graduate student at Georgetown University.

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