Paul Revere (Anonymous/ AP)

The Wiki-nerds are coming! The Wiki-nerds are coming!

Days after Sarah Palin was widely mocked for giving a somewhat skewed account of Paul Revere’s famous ride — saying he rode through Boston ringing bells to “warn the British” that “they weren’t going to be taking away our arms” — her supporters and detractors battled it out on the Wikipedia page for the legendary silversmith.

Some fans, it appears, edited the history to make it correspond more closely with Palin’s version — arguing that, hey, the colonists he was warning considered themselves British, and maintaining that bells were rung. Other volunteer editors immediately jumped in to counter those changes or quibble with Palin fans’ assertions (i.e, that “patriot” is not an actual job description). The Wikimedia Foundation declared a cease-fire by temporarily shutting down the page’s edit function.

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